About the journal

British & Irish Botany is a new on-line journal from the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland. The journal aims to provide a new forum for publishing papers and articles relating to the vascular plants and charophytes of Britain and Ireland. 

British and Irish Botany will welcome contributions in a number of formats, including the following:

  • Standard papers - full length formal research papers within the geographical and taxonomic remit of the journal. 
  • Short papers - these could be wide ranging but might include descriptions of single or a few observations, new discoveries (such as the first recorded occurrence of an alien), interesting observations on distribution/ecology/taxonomy etc. 
  • Forum articles - short articles that express a view on a particular topic. Intended to stimulate debate, advance ideas, etc. 
  • Reviews - reviews of botanical topics of interest to readers. 
  • Species profiles - mini-accounts of British or Irish species following the standard BSBI template for species accounts. 
  • Botanical biographies - biographies of famous botanists. 
  • Taxonomic notes - short articles covering difficult species and how to tell them apart. These could be 'commissioned' to cover Data Deficient taxa or distinguishing features not covered in standard works.
  • It is intended as of 2019 to publish descriptions of new taxa and new combinations; these will conform to the requirements stated by ICBN