The Status of Carex elongata (Cyperaceae) in Yorkshire


  • Alastair Fitter None
  • Martin Hammond
  • Meg Huby
  • Kevin Walker
  • Phillip Whelpdale



historical distribution, Askham Bog, alder, establishment


Gingerbread or Elongated Sedge Carex elongata L. is a rare plant in eastern England and the Yorkshire populations are isolated from the main distribution. It has only ever naturally occurred at five sites and is extant at two of them, one of which probably results from a recent colonisation event. It has been re-introduced near another of its historic sites. At its principal site, Askham Bog near York, the plant has expanded its population considerably over the last 40 years. Its local distribution appears to be strictly limited by topography and winter flooding. Its ability to colonise new sites and to expand populations show that earlier concern about seed viability was misplaced.