A new species of Aria (Rosaceae) from the Wye Valley, Wales


  • D. Green




Aria wyensis; Critically Endangered; endemic; Sorbus; whitebeam


Aria wyensis D.Green is a new endemic species of whitebeam from the Wye Valley, Wales. It is a member of the Aria porrigentiformis group with small (6–9 cm), broadly obtrullate to oblanceolate leaves with few (5–7) pairs of lateral veins, prominent, forward-facing, acuminate, biserrate lobes and small (5–6 cm across), few-flowered inflorescences. Flow cytometry indicates it is tetraploid. The population when first found consisted of 16 trees but this number has subsequently been reduced due to inappropriate action by climbers to 12 trees. Conservation action is required to prevent further loss.


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