Five new species of Taraxacum section Celtica (Asteraceae) from Britain and Ireland.

  • A. J. Richards University of Newcastle, UK (Emeritus)
Keywords: Taraxacum amicorum, Taraxacum atrocollinum, Taraxacum chlorofrugale, Taraxacum chrysoglossum, Taraxacum elegantifrons, Taraxacum section Celtica, Asteraceae, Atlantic Europe.


Five new species of the mostly west European Taraxacum section Celtica A.J.Richards (Asteraceae) are described.  Taraxacum amicorum is only known from Somerset, England; T. atrocollinum has also been found in Devon and Ireland. Taraxacum chrysoglossum is described from Bute and is also recorded from the eastern Highlands, Scotland. Taraxacum elegantifrons occurs on light calcareous soils in Ireland. Taraxacum chlorofrugale P. Oosterv. ex A.J. Richards from Germany, Netherlands, south England and Ireland is described formally for the first time.