Conservation status of Sorbus cuneifolia (Rosaceae), Llangollen whitebeam


  • Tim Rich BSBI
  • Libby Houston
  • Sarah Bird
  • Vicky Morgan
  • Ros Stockdale
  • Rhun Jones
  • Andrew Goodwin
  • Richard May
  • David Sheil



endemic; IUCN threat status; England; Wales; Hedlundia cuneifolia


A survey of the rare tree Sorbus cuneifolia T.C.G. Rich (Rosaceae), Llangollen whitebeam, was undertaken to inform a conservation programme as part of a collaborative project between Chester Zoo, the Clwydian Range and Dee Valley AONB, Denbighshire County Council and Natural Resources Wales. A field survey in September 2017 found 307 trees at Creigiau Eglwyseg (with another nine which were either S. cuneifolia or S. rupicola), and 8 trees at Blodwel Rock. The increase from 240 trees recorded in 1987 was attributed to differences in recording, though it has gone from Castell Dinas Bran. Tree growth indicators at Creigiau Eglwyseg show that the population is healthy with a wide range of tree sizes present and 66% of trees fruiting. Sorbus cuneifolia was confirmed as of conservation status ‘Endangered’; there are no immediate requirements for its conservation.