Lectotypification and neotypification of some names in British Hieracium section Foliosa (Asteraceae)

  • T.C.G. Rich BSBI


Types are designated for 11 names in Hieracium section Foliosa (Fr.) Arv.-Touv. (Asteraceae). Lectotypes are designated for Hieracium aestivum subsp. subumbellatiforme Zahn, Hieracium corymbosum Fr. var. pycnotrichum W. R. Linton, Hieracium crocatum Fr. var. maritimum F. Hanb., Hieracium latobrigorum forma angustifolium Pugsley, Hieracium obesifolium Pugsley, Hieracium pseudamplidentatum var. stenophyllum Pugsley, Hieracium rigidum var. tavense Ley, Hieracium strictum var. amplidentatum F. Hanb. and Hieracium strictum var. subcrocatum E. F. Linton. Neotypes are designated for Hieracium inuloides subsp. strictiforme Zahn and Hieracium neocorymbosum var. crocatiforme Pugsley.