Distribution and population size of Hieracium stenolepiforme, Cheddar Hawkweed (Asteraceae)

  • Helena J. Crouch BSBI
  • Elizabeth J. McDonnell
  • Stephanie Miles
  • Timothy C.G. Rich
Keywords: endemic; threat status; Critically Endangered; Cheddar Gorge; Somerset


The distribution and population size of Hieracium stenolepiforme (Pugsley) P. D. Sell & C. West, Cheddar Hawkweed (Asteraceae) has been assessed. It is endemic to Cheddar Gorge and the adjacent Black Rock Nature Reserve, Somerset, England (vice-county 6, North Somerset). Historical records show that it has been recorded in Cheddar Gorge and at Black Rock but has declined.  On 11 June 2000, 52 plants were counted in the main gorge and 5 plants at Black Rock; on 14 June 2016, 59 plants were recorded in Cheddar Gorge but none at Black Rock.  Hieracium stenolepiforme is IUCN (2001) threat status ‘Critically Endangered’.